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If you need help with your car or truck, look no further than AutoRx Repair Centres in Edmonton. We offer you free advice to help you maintain your vehicle through all seasons and weather. If you need a vehicle inspection or would like further advice on when to change your oil or tires, call AutoRx today!

  • 09/01/2018
    4 Benefits of Getting Winter Tires in Edmonton

    With winter fast approaching, you’ll want to switch over to your winter tires sooner rather than later. As any Edmonton driver who’s driven on them knows, they’re specially designed for better driving performance on ice and snow. It’s a difference you can feel almost immediately if you’ve been using only all-season or summer tires. If you’re not sold on winter tires yet, however, we’ve created a list of benefits these tires can offer you:

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  • 09/01/2018
    Why Choose a Professional for Your Auto Repair?

    Finding an auto technician in the competitive Edmonton market can be difficult. Your car is probably one of the biggest investments in your life, and you need it to work reliably. That’s why it’s always best to choose an auto repair center that is known for quality throughout Edmonton. Here are just a few of the reasons that choosing to go with a professional can save you money and make your life easier when you’re having car trouble:

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  • 04/10/2017
    Your Auto Mechanics in Edmonton Answer Your Frequently Asked Questions

    Should I worry if my “check engine” light comes on?

    Probably not, but it’s kind of like asking your doctor, “Do you think this cough is anything serious?” It’s hard to say for sure without running a few tests. The best thing to do is to have your vehicle checked by a professional. Visit our Services page to learn about the different auto repair solutions we offer.

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  • 03/10/2017
    Tips for Extending the Life of Your Vehicle from Your Mechanics in Edmonton

    The most important guideline for avoiding costly auto repairs is to always follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule found in your owner’s manual. Here are a few more tips and hints to keep your vehicle running longer.

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  • 02/10/2017
    Tips for Maintaining your Tires

    It is easy to get caught up in the details of your vehicle you see every day. The sticky radio buttons, fraying leather on the passenger seat or rattling windshield wiper all demand attention, but don’t forget about your tires! They increase the control you have over your vehicle by providing traction and are all that separates your vehicle from the ground. Don’t take them for granted as you get behind the wheel. Read below to learn the best ways to increase the longevity and performance of your tires, and visit AutoRx today for a tire check and maintenance service. Our trained auto mechanics in Edmonton can provide guidance if you need new tires or help align your existing set.

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  • 01/10/2017
    Why is a Wheel Alignment Necessary?

    You drive your vehicle daily, so you know all its quirks. The way to jiggle the key in the ignition and special considerations for that back left window you can live with. Other troubles you’ve grown accustomed to may not be so great for your vehicle’s longevity and performance, though. If your wheels are misaligned, you may not notice anything is wrong. Steering seems normal to you and the difference is often difficult to detect. Wheels that are imbalanced and improperly aligned, however, can cause bigger problems over time.

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  • 30/09/2017
    How Often Do I Need an Oil Change?

    Fluids in your vehicle are crucial to keep it operating properly. The right temperature, lubrication and function are all impacted by the liquid running through your vehicle. It can be challenging to know when your fluids need to be replaced. What is the easiest way to gauge when it is time? Dust off your owner’s manual and see how many kilometres should stand between you and your next oil change. If you can’t find your manual or aren’t sure how many kilometres are behind you and your last oil change, visit trusted mechanics in Edmonton at AutoRx Repair Centres. Our licensed staff can offer expert guidance and oil changes for all vehicles.

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  • 29/09/2017
    3 Signs You Need a Brake Inspection or Repair in Edmonton

    Your brakes are among the most important components of your vehicle that provide control and keep you safe while driving. They need to be working properly in order to be effective though, so getting your brakes inspected at your annual vehicle maintenance appointment is important. If you notice any changes in the function of your brakes in between inspections, you should schedule a brake repair appointment in Edmonton. While vehicle repairs aren’t always urgent, your brakes are crucial to driving safely and should be taken care of as soon as you notice any changes.

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  • 28/09/2017
    How Does Engine Oil Work and Why It Needs to Be Changed

    One of the most important components of vehicle maintenance in Edmonton is routine oil changes. During an oil change at an Edmonton auto mechanic such as AutoRx Repair Centres, your car's old engine oil is removed and replaced with fresh oil. Unfortunately, because they don't understand how important engine oil is, some people tend to go too long between oil changes. Let's take a look at why oil changes are necessary for the functioning of a car engine.

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