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How Does Engine Oil Work and Why It Needs to Be Changed

Oil change in Edmonton Alberta

One of the most important components of vehicle maintenance in Edmonton is routine oil changes. During an oil change at an Edmonton auto mechanic such as AutoRx Repair Centres, your car's old engine oil is removed and replaced with fresh oil. Unfortunately, because they don't understand how important engine oil is, some people tend to go too long between oil changes. Let's take a look at why oil changes are necessary for the functioning of a car engine.

The Important Role of Engine Oil Engines are made up of numerous moving metal parts. If these metal parts are not properly lubricated, then they will grind rather than slide easily against one another, creating friction and heat. Without the lubricating and cooling properties of engine oil, an engine can easily overheat and force you to seek the help of an Edmonton auto mechanic. Engine oil also performs the important role of cleaning the engine. Because of its low viscosity, it is able to pick up and carry dirt and debris over to the oil filter, where these particles are trapped and unable to cause any engine damage. The Importance of Regular Oil Changes Engine oil needs to be changed regularly because it breaks down over time. After several thousand kilometres it will no longer be able to absorb heat, lubricate, or carry off debris as effectively. Changing the oil before it wears down enough to negatively affect engine performance is a must. An engine which is running on worn down oil has to work harder, and is therefore going to lose some of its efficiency and horsepower. You'll find yourself filling up much more often at the gas pump and, if you continue not to go for an oil change, your engine may end up breaking down. How Often Does Engine Oil Need to Be Changed? Most vehicles should have an oil change at least once every 5,000 km. However, this number may be smaller or larger depending on numerous factors. For example, you may be able to wait as long as 7,500 km until your next oil change if you used a higher quality oil. Conversely, you may have to go more often than every 5,000 km if your car is high mileage, as an older engine will tend to use more oil. Your Edmonton auto mechanic can let you know the best oil change interval for your vehicle. Quick, Convenient Oil Changes in Edmonton At AutoRx Repair Centres we understand that fitting in routine oil changes can be difficult for people with a busy schedule, which is why we offer quick and convenient oil changes in Edmonton that will have you out and on with your day in no time. We also offer auto repair and maintenance services in Edmonton which can be completed at the same time as your oil change, saving you future trips. If you're in need of an oil change or auto repair in Edmonton, just give us a call at 780-436-9992 or contact AutoRx Repair Centres online.


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