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4 Benefits of Getting Winter Tires in Edmonton

Winter tires Edmonton

With winter fast approaching, you’ll want to switch over to your winter tires sooner rather than later. As any Edmonton driver who’s driven on them knows, they’re specially designed for better driving performance on ice and snow. It’s a difference you can feel almost immediately if you’ve been using only all-season or summer tires. If you’re not sold on winter tires yet, however, we’ve created a list of benefits these tires can offer you:

1. Better traction Although the wheel has been around for a pretty long time now, improvements are constantly being made to them. Winter tires may, in fact, be one of the most technologically advanced parts of your car. Although you can’t see it at first, one of the most astounding things about them is actually the rubber they’re made out of. Summer tires harden when exposed to low temperatures, giving them less grip on the road. The rubber in winter tires, however, stays pliant at extremely low temperatures, giving it the ability to grip the road better in the colder months. 2. Better stopping distance According to Consumer Reports, winter tires also consistently deliver significantly better stopping power in icy or snowy conditions when compared to all-season tires. Winter tires won’t make driving in winter conditions just as safe as clear roads, so you’ll still have to drive carefully. They will, however, ensure that both accelerating and decelerating will happen more quickly in bad conditions compared with summer or all-season tires. 3. Better overall control Most car experts will recommend that you change all four of your tires to winter tires to be safe. With four tires you will have better overall control in snowy conditions. Some people who have a front-wheel drive car assume they only need winter tires in the front. This is often a mistake. To get the traction that will help with both accelerating and decelerating, be sure to buy a complete set of winter tires. 4. Treads dig through snow The most obvious feature of winter tires is, of course, the larger treads (sipes) you see on some models. Snow is a particular problem in Alberta and you need every advantage you can get to keep you and your loved ones safe in winter driving conditions. Sipes can help cut through the snow and ice, giving your wheels more grip and control. Make AutoRX Repair Centres your auto repair destination in Edmonton. With 80 years of combined experience, our staff has the know-how to help you assess your winter tire needs. Contact us today to learn more about winter tires or make an appointment to have yours changed for the season.


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