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3 Signs You Need a Brake Inspection or Repair in Edmonton

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Your brakes are among the most important components of your vehicle that provide control and keep you safe while driving. They need to be working properly in order to be effective though, so getting your brakes inspected at your annual vehicle maintenance appointment is important. If you notice any changes in the function of your brakes in between inspections, you should schedule a brake repair appointment in Edmonton. While vehicle repairs aren’t always urgent, your brakes are crucial to driving safely and should be taken care of as soon as you notice any changes.

Tell-Tale Signs It Is Time for Brake Repairs in Edmonton If your vehicle starts showing any of the following signs, or your dashboard’s brake light is illuminated, it is time to call AutoRx Repair Centres to make an appointment for a brake inspection:

  • Sounds – Your brakes shouldn’t make it clear they are engaged by making noise. If your brakes suddenly create a sound when you use them, it is time to visit the auto mechanic. Most people describe the sound as a screeching, grinding, or clicking. Even if the sound is subtle at first, don’t ignore it. Brake problems can quickly progress and make your vehicle unsafe for driving.

  • Vibrations – When it comes to brakes, there are no good vibrations. If the pedal is pulsing or vibrating against your foot during gradual, regular and routine braking, there is something going on beneath the surface.

  • Function Changes – Does your pedal suddenly have to come very close to the floor of your vehicle in order to engage? Or maybe you have to apply extreme pressure to see the stopping effect? Don’t assume that this is normal or simply the sign of an aging vehicle. Your brakes need to be responsive and kept in good condition, so schedule a brake repair appointment as soon as you notice a difference in the way they operate.

Visit AutoRx Repair Centres for Auto Repairs in Edmonton The professional and friendly team at AutoRx Repair Centres can ensure your entire vehicle is running safely and efficiently. From brakes to routine maintenance, we offer fast and affordable services from our experienced staff. Don’t ignore unusual symptoms when it comes to your vehicle’s braking system. Contact us today to book your appointment for brake repairs or call us with your questions about how your vehicle is operating. Rely on our team to identify the cause of your brake troubles and get your vehicle stopping properly with the right solution. Drive safe and stop smoothly with timely brake repairs. Schedule your brake inspection or auto repair appointment with our skilled auto mechanics in Edmonton. Contact AutoRx Repair Centres online or call us today at 780-436-9992.


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